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"You're About To Permanently Destroy All Your Misconceptions, Inconsistencies, Fears, Scattered Thoughts... And Every Last Ounce Of Procrastination And Indecision That Are Literally Choking Your Undeniable Right To Success And Financial Freedom."

“I Don’t Care If You Fight Me Tooth And Nail… If You Absolutely Loathe The Idea Of Facing Your Demons… If You’re Afraid Of What You’ll See… Or If You’re Just Too Lazy To Do Anything About It… Because I Will Drag You Kicking And Screaming If I Have To Until You Stand Up Once And For All And Unleash Your Greatness.”

From the desk of Mike Litman
Tuesday, 3:23 PM

This is it, my friend. This is the last day I’m going to let you hold your greatness hostage. This is the last day that you will allow anything to drag you by the heels as you helplessly watch your life float past you.

But let me tell you something I bet you didn’t expect me to say:

You are in a place of complete insignificance… and that’s the best place you could possibly be.

Every single person who walks through their lives with the kind of financial and personal success that you hope and dream for… has come from a place of insignificance.

When I think about the struggles that I went through.. the nights where I couldn’t sleep (even though I had to get up at four AM to go work at a job that I hated) the nights when I would literally cry myself to sleep (you think I’m joking?)… I visibly cringe… just ask my wife.

But I’ll tell you what I did… and what you’re about to do too:

“I Looked In The Mirror And Said To Myself,’You Are Completely Insignificant.’ It Was Incredibly Painful To Admit… But, Hands Down, It Was The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done In My Life.”

Don’t run from it. Don’t run from your fears and inconsistencies. Don’t be afraid to look your demons straight in the face… no, you have to look those demons straight in the face or you will bathe in stagnation and insignificance for the rest of your life.

In fact, I don’t want you to read the rest of this letter until you have already allowed yourself to see those demons for what they really are. I want you to stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath, and push aside all the stress that’s attacking you. I want you to push aside all of the fears that have a grip on you…

And I want you to admit it. Straight out… no wiggling away from it. If you’re not ready to be honest with yourself, then step away and come back when you’re ready.

Are you there? Have you taken this crucial first step?

Good. Let’s keep going.

Now this is the question that I get every time:

OK Mike, I can admit that I’m holding my greatness hostage… but what do I do now?”

It’s a good question. And it’s why this is, hands down, the most important letter you will ever read.

“I Have Transformed More Than 247,000 People From All Over The World… Using The Same Strategies, Techniques, And The Same ‘Slaps-In-The-Face’ That I’m Giving You.”

Let me be blunt.

If you’re just going to walk away from this letter without getting this seminar, and pretend that everything’s OK… then you’re going to remain a failure. Period.

I’m not saying that you will go nowhere unless you watch this seminar. Yes, they are so powerful that even I go back and watch them when I need a good kick. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

If you’re going to walk away because you’re don’t have a penny to your name, that’s fine.

If you’re going to walk away because you don’t think it’s right for you, that’s fine… I won’t take it personally.

If you’re going to walk away because you hate everything about me, that’s fine too. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion.

But don’t you dare walk away because you will “do it later,” because you’re “too busy,” or because it’s “too hard!” Don’t you dare!

“This Isn’t Just Another Seminar”

I’m not just giving you another “self help” product.

You’re not going to sit down, watch a few minutes, say “wow, that was inspiring!” and then turn around, just to keep living the lifestyle that’s been oppressing you for too long.

As soon as you watch this seminar available for immediate view, it will be the closest thing to having me, in your house, giving you a good kick in the butt, injecting you with the most potent, real-life, utterly simple success strategies that you could get your hands on (not the kind that rot in your head, but the kind that shoot straight into your core… even if you don’t want them to).

And what do you get out of it? What will be different?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt so alive… because you were a different, more evolved, more passionate person than you were the day before?

Have you ever felt so confident that you were taking the right steps in your business, that you knew that each change you made, each new marketing campaign you launched, each new product you developed… would reek of inevitable success?

Have you ever walked down the street and felt the sheer strength of your presence, as though the courage and power was practically rushing out of your pores and infecting everyone around you?

I’m not talking about some comic book superhero. I’m not talking about some fantastical reality that would never possibly happen in your own life.

This is the real deal… and I’m living proof. My students are living proof. The 247,000 + that I’ve helped are living proof.

Read these:

“Dog-gonnit Mike, I like what you teach, because it s honest and it makes sense.

There’s been only one thing that has held me back from being more productive. And now I understand that, as you said, it’s because I’m afraid of failure.

I hear you saying we’ll never stop doing it but that we have to use it to our benefit to get anywhere. Bravo. You did it. Thanks for the advice. Just listening to you has helped me immensely.”

Thomas Frye


“You have provided encouragement, inspiration and ideas to better my attitude and enthusiasm. I just want to say thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your marketing strategies and “can do” cheerleading!”
Nancy Boyer


“I’m never going to give up on my dreams. Thank you so much for making available the ‘Unleash Your Greatness Live’ seminar recording. I am amazed at how many secrets to success you revealed. My family and I now have a roadmap to becoming financially free.”
Kathy Leonard, Ohio


“My fears and hesitations have held back my practice for over 5 years. Every time I would go forward, my fears and my past pulled me back. Also, I was incredibly petrified of public speaking and that hurt my business immensely. Less than 30 days with Mike Litman’s advice, I was destroying so many of my old fears.

Your success secrets have unlocked my potential. In the last 5 weeks, I’ve done three public speeches and they’ve went great and my business is booming. I feel so much more in control now, it’s really amazing. It truly is. Thanks Mike!”

Dr. Mike Cohen, Toronto Canada


“My business is finally growing and I can finally feel that there is a bright future.

It is a terrible thing to know that you are capable of great things and have a lot to offer but yet be totally frozen in fear of failure and at the same time success, failure for fear of condemnation and the success for fear of not being able to live up to and nurture that success.

Mike, thank you, thank you, and thank you again. I can’t say it enough Your success secrets have been incredible.”

Marian Von Tilzer, Atlanta Georgia


“To say I was lost would be an understatement. I’m a 47 year old New Yorker that has been pursuing my passion for 4 years, but my results have been lagging real bad.

I’ve been in some real tough financial situations, but I couldn’t give up. Am I glad I never did because when I came across Mike Litman, and his success secrets, everything changed. He renewed my dreams, passions and I’m setting my goals higher than ever before.

I’ve never been happier and my business is doing incredible. I’m going to be on PBS, I’ve been featured in major newspaper and magazines articles and I’ve been a guest on many radio shows. Mike Litman changed my life and he’ll change yours. Give yourself that opportunity.”

Marc Preven, New York City NY


“Nobody was more skeptical then me, but not any more! Within 90 days of working with Mike Litman I’m approaching $10,000 extra in part time profits. Now I’m setting my goals higher than I ever thought possible. I wish I found Mike a long time ago!”
Sanyika Calloway Boyce, South Plainfield New Jersey


  • Why you are living in a state of complete delusion… and why it’s been holding you hostage for years. Nothing around you will shatter it… except for the time-tested strategies I’m about to show you.
  • How I went from being a dead-end kid searching for quarters in my couch… to a multi-millionaire, responsible for transforming over 247,000 lives (and growing)
  • The secret technique of harnessing “invisibility,” and why you’ll use it every single day to unleash an “impossible” stream of consistent income
  • Why “multiple streams of income” is a scam that will scatter your focus and leave you stranded, confused, and frustrated… with absolutely no streams of any kind of income to your name.
  • The secret key to developing your “core idea” and why I’ve used this to amass a modest fortune (it’s so easy, everyone just passes right by it!)
  • How procrastination, scatterdness, and inconsistency are constantly sucking your energy, your potential, and the instant money you should be making… (right from in front of your eyes)
  • The one major and undeniable difference between you and every successful person you envy (I’ll give you a hint… when you discover what it is… it will sound like one of those “annoying” things you’re mother would’ve nagged you about… but it’s so undeniably powerful that if she had, you would be kissing her, thanking her, and worshiping her for her divine wisdom)
  • How I use these three simple “magic tricks” every single day… and how it will double your income within the next month… guaranteed.
  • The little-known reason you’re shaking in your boots… absolutely petrified of success… and how this one tool I’m about to show you will set you straight, lift up your chin, and give you the massive power to strike down any fear you have had, have now, or will ever have.. no matter how much it wants to hold you back
  • What I learned from a well-known billionaire… and why it outlined an exact path to financial success that virtually bypasses every single one of the barriers looming over you
  • Why, as you read this, you are essentially piling all of your money into your wastebasket and setting it on fire, just because no one ever showed you this technique I personally used to grow my multi-million dollar business
  • The overwhelming power of the “one-word branding” technique… and how it will bathe you in so much intrigue… people will be more than happy to give you their money, even if you’ve been a horrible sales person.
  • Why my friends and family thought I would be a failure in my life (I believed them)… and the first thing I did (if I hadn’t I would still be there today) that removed me from that place of stagnation and weakness… and almost violently forced me into such an extreme level of success and empowerment, that none of those people even recognized me.

“But Here’s The Million Dollar Question”

Let me tell you what’s obvious to me.

It’s obvious to me that because you’re still reading this, you know deep down (even if you’re struggling and skeptical) that I have struck a chord of truth inside you.

It’s obvious to me that you want to take your life, your business, your success, and your dreams to the next level.

It’s obvious to me that you are desperately ready to unleash your greatness.

So here it is… How much is it worth to you? How bad do you want to revolutionize your whole life? How long have you been waiting for an opportunity like this?

Would you invest $500? You shouldn’t even blink. In fact, I’ve been at seminars, like the one you’re about to get instant access to, where people have paid over $3000 for just one seat… No joke!

But am I asking you for $500 dollars to get your hands on this seminar available for immediate download? Am I asking for $3000 dollars? No. Absolutely not. In fact, when it comes down to it, All I’m asking for is $197 $47 $9 . That’s It.

Think about your life right now… how many times have you spent (not invested) that much money into something frivolous, something that doesn’t move your life forward? Can you justify spending that money and then not being willing to make this investment now? Honestly, I don’t think so.

“But Why Mike?”

Why am I asking for that? If I’m so interested in your success, why don’t I just give it away? That’s a fair question. And here’s the answer:

That would be cheating.

I believe firmly in the principle of Give to Get, Get to Give. I have seen in my own life, and in the lives of those around me, that when you give to someone else, what you get back ends up being worth a thousand times your investment.

When I found my first mentors, I invested time and money (money I didn’t really have to invest) to change my life…

And look where I am today. I’m in a place I would imagine you’d give more than a pretty penny to get to.

Our Absolutely Can't Fail You, Unconditional, Completely Risk-Free, No Questions Asked, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Order ‘Unleash Your Greatness Live’, go through the videos and audio MP3 trainings… and let the door open to your new life. If you’re not absolutely convinced it’s everything I say it is (and more), then you won’t pay a dime. Just contact our Support Team and we’ll send you a full refund. We’re taking 100% of the risk, you have nothing to lose… except to end procrastination, reduce perfectionism, and increase your income.

“But Wait, There’s More For Those Who Act Now:”

Fast Action Bonus 1:

Recapturing The Passion And Magic – 60 minute Mp3 ($19.95 value)

If you feel tired, lethargic or un-motivated, this 60-minute audio may just be the “kick start” you need to get back on track. Here Mike reveals:

  • How to re-gain focus and clarity on what you really want
  • The secrets to “kick start your heart,” and re-gain your
    excitement and zest for life
  • How to keep that energy and momentum going consistently, day after day


Fast Action Bonus 2:

You Get More When You Give It Away – 60 minute Mp3 ($19.95 value)

Mike explains how this success principle works, in this fast and furious 60-minute MP3:

  • Why giving more is the absolute best way to “jump-start” a struggling business or relationship
  • How this can radically and positively improve your business and personal life
  • Why this counter-intuitive secret works, even if you feel you don’t have much to give


Fast Action Bonus 3:

How To Get Hundreds Of People Wanting To Help You Succeed- 60 minute Mp3 ($19.95 value)

In this breakthrough training, Mike reveals his proven formula for getting dozens – even hundreds – of people to help you achieve your goals. Here you’ll discover:

  • How this formula helped me become a best-selling author, with very little money and no connections
  • Why this strategy can literally put your success on the calendar, faster than easier you ever thought possible
  • How celebrities such as Oprah, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rachael Ray… and super-salespeople all used this strategy to create their success


When you make this investment in these seminar videos, you are making a commitment both to yourself and to me. You are saying, “I’m willing to invest in my future…” and as I’m sure you already know deep down… being willing to make any kind of investment or sacrifice in your future is sure sign you are deeply committed and moving forward towards the success you deserve.

And yes, you’re getting your hands on proven, live-changing, money-making tools and strategies that I’ve used, along with thousands of empowered individuals. They are the same tools that billionaires use every day. And they are the same tools that will introduce you to your new future.

And man, what a future it’s going to be.

So don’t wait. Don’t ponder. Don’t fret. Do whatever you’re going to do, but do it with absolute confidence and conviction. Walk away… or join the hundreds of thousands of people just like you that are taking the next step, a crucial step, in moving their lives forward.

Whatever you do, do it now.


Buy Now for $9 !!!

I believe in you.

Mike Litman

P.S. I want you to put yourself in my shoes. Can you imagine how good it felt when I realized that I wasn’t living paycheck to paycheck, that I wasn’t relying on others for my well-being… that I was truly empowered and truly beamed with conviction?

Let me tell you, that feels great.

Now it’s your turn.


“I’ve been a Vice Principal at an elementary school in Canada for longer than I’ve hoped. I started an online business that failed miserably, it brought in a tad over $800 in over 2 years.

Even though my budget was tight, I made a decision to work with Mike Litman and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Thanks to the goal setting techniques I’ve learned, in the last 90 I’ve brought in just under $9,781 part time and my business is exploding!

You’ve changed the lives of my wife Fiona, my kids, and myself, thanks for everything.”

Glenn Dietzel, Sarnia Ontario


“Last year in our part time business we made $31,977. In just the last 61 days working with Mike Litman’s success system we’ve brought in over $91,197. Mike Litman has changed our life incredibly and he’ll change yours as well! He has our highest recommendation!”
Lou Castillo and Joe Brilliante, Buford Georgia


“Hi Mike,

I Just wanted to drop a line to you to thank you.
You see, I’ve been having a bad time in the past nine months. No job, credit cards maxed out, and my business idea falling flat on its face. I was in a bad way, just sitting in front of my computer screen not knowing in what direction to go.

Mike, you’ve changed me, you’ve never met me, or even heard of me, but you’re affecting people and changing their lives without even knowing it. Of course I’ll sing your praises when people ask why they don’t succeed. And I’ll point them your direction

Sincerely (and indebted to you)”

Glenn Leader